Swap, Private Atomic Cross-Chain Swap (Summary)

What is Swap?

Swap (XWP) is a Monero anonymous token on a cryptonote contract. The project has a network stable node, there was no ico or pre-mining involved. Cryptonote is a stable, reliable, and peer-reviewed, layer protocol for decentralized cryptocurrencies.


Swap's main objective is to remain useful, ethical, and fair. What makes Swap different from other CryptoNote projects is the “bulletproof” transactions and Cuckaroo Cycle POW. XWP mining algorithm is power-efficient, and achieve a 15 second block time.

Why Swap?

  • progressive (POW algorithm)
  • robust privacy
  • limited supply and nonlinear curve
  • reasonable transaction fee

Market Information

  • Total Supply = 18.4 million
  • Circulating Supply = 10.849 million
  • Exchanges = TradeOgre, Citex, Graviex, BKEX


  • Anonymous and untraceable payment with no payment fee.
  • Stable network node (no ico).
  • Monero’s first anonymous token combined with the Cuckaroo29s algorithm.
  • Swap plans to add an atomic swap to the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

twitter: young crypto wolf



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