Intro to Young Crypto Wolf

Allow me to formally introduce myself 🐺

When did I begin my journey?

A little over a month goes by, and all my research leads me to these topics:

  • Online Surveys
  • The Foreign Exchange
  • Stock Trading

Quickly I learned online surveys were time-consuming & didn’t reap the rewards. This pushed me to learn about stocks. I started trading stocks at 16 with a $100 account on Scott’s Trade, using my mother’s information.

I remember buying $100 worth of some random gold stock. Like every rookie, my eyes were stuck to the screen. At the time I still had no idea what the stock market was except for I put money in, it goes up and I get more money back. There was 1-week where my stock made a 17% rally, off of some positive news. The next day I sold my stocks thinking I had made some money.

The morning of I look at my balance and it shows $72, confused about why I started doing more research. This is where I learned about broker fees. At the end of my research I came up with the conclusion: “If I want to make money I need a bigger account.”

At this time I was feeling defeated. I was 16 with no job, and my stock trading research has to lead me to a $2,000 minimum trading account for margin trading. I stopped everything for 2-weeks, continued saving money. After 2-weeks I was at $157. Devasted again, I continued to look for opportunities.

Forex Again?

I opened a demo account and was instantly hooked. For the next couple of months it was “Eat, Forex, Sleep, Repeat”. I continued to open demo accounts and getting #rekt. This cycle was repeated for 3-months.

After 3 very painful and stressful months, I started looking for mentoring/teacher. This lasted for about a month, at the same, I was continuing to open demo accounts and running them to zero.

No luck with a mentor, I started to give up. I dropped everything and forgot about it for a month. At the same time, I was continuing to save money.

A month later, my ambition got the best of me and I started to look for money-making opportunities. Of course, my research leads me to where I was before…Forex. This time I tried teaching myself.

At first, it started with how to trade Forex google searches. Slowly I was learning the lingo: support, resistance, trends, bulls, bears, etc. This is when I started my technical analysis journey.

Now I have a demo account with a somewhat better understanding of what I am looking at. What could go wrong right? Well…leverage trading quickly showed me there was a lot to learn.

Fast forward 6-months. I was improving, however, I was not consistent. My account growing but only to be followed with a drop to zero….over and over.

Desperate to improve I continued to look for mentors again. The same scenario played out, everything looked like a scam or was too expensive for me. This is when I started looking into articles, books, and videos.

The first book I read was “Naked Forex”. This forever changed the way I looked at charts and continues to be the main aspect of my trading strategy.

What Happened Next?

At first, I was only studying random information. As I continued to read I began opening demo accounts and testing strategies.

Fast forward 2-years and I am now a 2nd-year college student. At the same, I was studying computer science at a public California University. After my 2nd year, I switched to business. Only after a semester of business courses, I dropped out.

I could not sit and focus in class because I was too busy thinking about forex. This is when I started to deal with family drama and began to fall under a deep depression.

Growing up as a minority one thing that is highly important to the older generations is higher education.

My parents wanted me in school or they wanted me back home. I refused to return and stayed in my local college town. I continued to study/trade forex, while I ignored my parents.

Time passes by and they feel the same, and think I am going nowhere.

The start was rough, I had opened multiple accounts and ran all of them to $0.00 and in some cases negative balances! In the first 6-months, I had lost around $10,000 and put myself in debt. Something had to change.

I put live trading on pause and started doing more research. Quickly I learned that I was not wrong with my trades, but my risk management was nonexistent. This is when I decided to take a step back and begin to list the “main topics” in trading.

A month after studying I had open the door to the following:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Trading Psychology
  • Risk Management

To this day this is how I would break up trading.

In the 2nd half of the year, I was consistently profitable and felt comfortable with my trading strategy. In my head that was it, I was a trader!!!


I repeated the same mistakes when my account size increased. Again pushing myself back into a nasty depression only to avoid family.

It was after 3 years of trial & error when I could finally begin to feel and see improvement. To this day I continue to trade forex, but my focus is crypto.

Today, at 25 I continue to reflect on how I started, and what I could have done differently to shorten my learning curve. Sharing that knowledge with those who are interested in studying the markets.

The Now

In my free time I enjoy being outside, hiking, working out, reading, and hanging out with my dog. 2020 was definitely a growth year for me, and I’m excited to implement everything I’ve learned with some cool new people I’ve met.

Now and into 2021 my focuses will be the following:

  • Create more crypto/trading content.
  • Help others get started in the space
  • Become a funded trader
  • Land a crypto/blockchain job

The best is yet to come. I can not wait until I can pour all my energy into this space allowing me to leave my 9–5. If I had to ask one of you it would be this. Please share my content: retweet/like/copy links/etc. This spreads awareness of my theories creating more opportunities not only for me but for others.


  • Don’t compare your journey to others.
  • Study Candles/Price Action (don’t rely on indicators)
  • Invest what you can afford to lose.
  • Positivity only, positive energy attracts positive opportunities.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for your time, I look forward to meeting you :)

Twitter: youngcryptowolf




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